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technical cases

This section contains technical cases of fungi isolated from clinical specimens. Certain factors played role to resolve conflict. In some cases, mycology laboratory took responsibility and helped clinicians establishing patient’s diagnosis. Certain odds challenged our skills and aptitude during decision making.
As we continue to surface new information, more cases will be added on in order to expand the most important technical part of the medical mycology.
I would like to acknowledge the time consuming task carried out by Dr. Jeff Fuller to edit and proof reading the case histories.

Case 1:
Case 2:
Case 3:
Opportunistic Fungus
Case 4:
Post Lung Transplant Patient
Case 5:
Nocardia Suspected in Sputum
Case 6:
Culture positive for Partial Acid-Fast by Modified Kinyoun (MK)
Case 7:
Pseudohyphae-like Structures seen in Gram
Case 8:
Case 9:
Allergic Sinusitis
Case 10:
One colony of Mould repeatedly isolated from Cornea
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