Welcome to the UHN & MSH MicroWeb Mycology Image Gallery, developed by Subhash Mohan! We are glad to be able to present you with some of the best educational images in the field for your information. All pictures were taken by Subhash Mohan who is the department's Senior and Teaching Medical Mycology Technologist. All images are accompanied by brief comments helping to identify the images provided. Please choose a gallery to the right to start your search.

Subhash Mohan is actively involved with medical mycology education by holding seminars and live workshops, as well as correspondance courses in mycology. Please feel free to contact Subhash Mohan for further information regarding mycology teachings.


Subhash Mohan has published a book on Gram Stain: Looking Beyond Bacteria to Find Fungi in Gram Stained Smear (A Laboratory Guide for Medical Microbiology). This book is based on experience containing over 340 colored microscopic images. It contains flow charts, methods and many cases in all groups of fungi describing decision making insight. This book also has a quiz section for practice followed by the answers.

There is also a short conclusion at the end that is worth looking at. The price of the book at the Amazon.com is listed at $56.00US + shipping and handling. However, Subhash is offering the book for $39.00CAN, no taxes or other charges. If interested, please send an e-mail: smohan@mtsinai.on.ca or call at 416-586-4800 ext. 5438.

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