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Mount Sinai Hospital is a University of Toronto patient care, teaching, and research centre.
Mount Sinai Hospital is a University of Toronto patient care, teaching, and research centre.

Staff Directory
Subhash Mohan, M.L.T., A.R.T.
Senior and Teaching Medical Mycology Technologist
Mycology Laboratory
Microbiology Department
University Health Network & Mount Sinai Hospital
600 University Avenue, 14th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X5
Phone #: 416-586-4800 ext. 5438
Fax #: 416-586-3138

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Subhash Mohan has worked in the Medical Sciences field in many places and different countries. He traveled from India to Vancouver followed by England, to Toronto, to Newfoundland and came back to Toronto again. Subhash joined the Microbiology Department at the Toronto General Hospital (University Health Network) in 1981, which is now known as the University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospital Department of Microbiology. He currently holds the position of Senior Medical Mycology Technologist, which he was promoted to in 1988.

Subhash's responsibilities include the day to day running of the Mycology section facilities, as well as teaching and training staff members, medical technology & university students and the residents. Subhash has held live workshops, seminars and published many articles in the Canadian, US and European medical journals. As a member of the In-house teaching committee, he is an excellent source of mycology teaching stock and information. Subhash has developed and offering correspondence course in Medical Mycology through the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science

He has also co-authored “Medical Mycology” technical book for a corporation and is now writing his technical book entitled "Gram Stain: Looking Beyond Bacteria – a laboratory guide for clinical microbiologists and medical technologists”, while still finding time to be a volunteer speaker for many professional organizations. In Subhash's spare time he enjoys cooking, listening to music, reading philosophy and dreaming about writing a book about his success in life.

Subhash led the discovery of a new Candida species (Candida subhashii), which was isolated from the peritoneal fluid of a patient with end-stage renal failure. The experts decided to name the isolate in honour of Subhash's extensive work in the field of mycology.

Subhash is in the process of publishing his technical book on finding fungi in Gram stains that will be available soon in the months ahead. Contact Subhash to secure your copy at discount rate.


  • 2008 – Received Excellency in Medical Mycology Award from the University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospital Microbiology Department for helping to discover a new Candida species known as Candida subhashii.
  • 2007 - Received Dr Iivi Campbell Award from the TML/Mount Sinai hospital Microbiology Department for recognition of his excellent service in the practice of Mycology, expertise encompassed numerous publications, seminars, lectures, presentations, workshops and correspondence courses as well as his pleasant, helpful and approachable attitude.
  • Award for writing and publishing an exemplary article on direct microscopy “What Do You See, What Could It Be” in the CJMLS in 2000.
  • Premier’s Award for Excellence (Province of Alberta) in recognition of contributions made to the Laboratory Medicine Competency Project, 1999.

Recent Publications

  • Usefulness of Fungi-Flour in medical mycology & microbiology.
    Subhash Mohan.
    PolyFacts Jan. 2011, Vol. 6 No. 1
  • Evolutionary Changes and Immunodeficiency Affecting Pathogenesis of Superficial Mycotic Agents.
    Subhash Mohan; Susan Poutanen; Khalida Siddiqua and Audrey Jarrett.
    JRAAS Dec. 2011, 26:56-59.
  • Pleurostomophora richardsiae - an insidious fungus presenting in a man 44 years after initial inoculation; A case report and review of the literature.
    JS Levenstadt, SM Poutanen, S Mohan, S Zhang and M Silverman.
    Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology. Autumn 2012, Vol. 23, Issue 3: 110-113
  • Identification of a new species, Candida subhashii, as a cause of peritonitis
    Heather Adam; Marizeth Groenewald; Subhash Mohan; Susan Richardson; Ursula Bunn; Connie Fe
    C. Gibas; Susan Poutanen; Lynne Sigler. 2008 ISHAM, Medical Mycology.
  • A case study of Coccidioides immitis: new approaches to identifying an old bug. 
    Subhash K. Mohan, Jan Hajek, Theodore K. Marras and Susan Poutanen. 
    CJMLS Jun. 2007, vol. 69 no. 3, p. 98-112
  • Graphium basitruncatum Fungemia in a Patient with Acute Leukemia.
    Deepali Kumar, Lynne Sigler, Connie Fe C. Gibas, Subhash Mohan, Andre Schuh, Bruno C. Medeiros, Kenneth Peckham and Atul Humar.
    J. Clin. Micro., May 2007, Vol. 45, No. 5. p. 1644-1647
  • Eosinophilic pneumonia in a returning traveler from Mexico. 
    Jan Hajek, Subhash K. Mohan & Theodore K. Marras.
    Can J Infect Dis Med Microbiol Vol 18 No 5 September/October 2007
  • Disseminated phaeohyphomycosis due to Ochroconis gallopavum in the setting of advanced HIV infection.
    Andrea K Boggild, Susan M. Poutanen, Subhash Mohan & Mario A Ostrowski.
    ISHAM. Medical Mycology vol. 44, p.777-782, Dec. 2006.
  • Fourth-generation fluoroquinolones in the treatment of mycobacterial infectious keratitis after laser-associated in situ keratomileusis surgery.
    Sao Bing Lee, Karine M. Oliver, Yi Ning J. Strube, Subhash K. Mohan & Allan R. Slomovic.
    CAN J Ophthalmol-vol 40, NO. 6, 2005
  • Keratitis by Scedosporium apiospermum.
    Nupra Krishnadev, Wayne Gold and Subhash Mohan.
    Submitted for publication.
  • Specific vs. non-specific methods for detecting Pneumocystis carinii: One laboratory's experience.
    Mohan, S.
    Can J Med Lab Sci
    66(5):178-183, October 2004
  • Specific vs. non-specific methods for detecting Pneumocystis carinii: One Laboratory's experience.
    Subhash K. Mohan.
    CJMLS Nov. 2004, vol. 66 no. 5
  • Beyond Bacteria: Interpreting Fungal Elements in the Gram Stain. Is There a Fungus in my Gram Stain?
    Subhash K. Mohan.
    Clinical Microbiology Newsletter, July 15, 2004, volume 26, number 14
  • Allergic fungal sinusitis associated with Trichoderma longibrachiatum.
    P. Tang, S. Mohan, L. Sigler, I. Witterick, R. Summerbell, I. Campbell, T. Mazzulli.
    Journal of Clinical Microbiology. 41(11):5333-6, 2003 Nov.
  • What do you see? What could it be?: Direct Microscopy of Fungi in the Microbiology Laboratory - Part 2 - Problem and Solutions.
    Subhash K. Mohan.
    CJMLS 62(4): 2000.
  • What do you see? What could it be?: Direct Microscopy of Fungi in the Microbiology Laboratory - Part 1.
    Subhash K. Mohan.
    CJMLS 61(3): 1999.
  • Incidental detection of parasite in a mycology laboratory during routine microscopic examination of smears stained by Fungi-Fluor.
    Subhash K. Mohan.
    CJMLS 61 (3): 1999.
  • Evaluating Murex C. albicans. A Colorimetric Rapid Kit to Identify Candida albicans in 30 minutes.
    Subhash K. Mohan.
    CJMT 57(2): 1995.
  • Prototheca Can Be Confused With Yeast.
    Subhash K. Mohan.
    CJMT 55(1): 1993.
  • Rapid Detection of Fungal Elements in Clinical Specimens by Using a Fluorescent Mycology Stains: Usefulness and Limitation.
    Subhash K. Mohan.
    CJMT 55(1):220-3 1993.
  • Monoclonal Fluorescent-Antibody-Negative Non-Beta-Lactamase-Producing Neisseria gonorrhoeae.
    Subhash K. Mohan.
    Clinical Microbiology Newsletter 14:24,1992.
  • Possible Waterborne Salmonellosis - Newfoundland.
    Subhash K. Mohan.
    Canada Diseases Weekly Report 8(2), Jan 9, 1982.

Recent Presentations

  • Use of the SoftMic Epidemiology functionality to generate test turn-around-time reports at the routine microbiology bench.
    Mohan, Subhash.
    SCC Meeting, Florida.
  • Accuracy of the Yeast identification using commercial products such as API 20C and RapID Yeast Plus system is enhanced significantly by the cornmeal morphology.
    Subhash Mohan et al.
    Presented at the Focus for Fungal Infection. Maui, Hawaii, March 19-21, 2003.
  • Canadian Case Report of Cerebral Phaeohyphomycosis caused by Ramichloridium mackenziei.
    Lovinsky, Reena; Mohan, Subhash; Mazzulli, Tony; Campbdell, Ivi and Brunton, James.
    Abstract submitted to at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, San Francisco, California, October 25-28, 2001.
  • A case report: Rhinosporidium seeberi an extremely rare fungus in Canada.
    Subhash Mohan, A. Morris, R. Summerbell, K. MacDonald, D. Low, M. Skulnick, K. Wong, and I. Campbell. (The Toronto Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, Provincial Health Laboratories and Toronto Medical Laboratory).
    Published in National Congress CSMLS June 12-16, 1999.
  • Is that what it is? The use of direct microscopy to detect fungi in clinical microbiology.
    Subhash Mohan et al.
    Presented at the Focus for Fungal Infections 9, San Diego, California March 17-19, 1999.

Book Reviews Published

  1. Medical Mycology – A Self-Instructional Text
    Subhash K. Mohan, ART, MLT. Canadian Journal of Medical Laboratory Science vol. 60 (2): 1998
  2. Topley and Wilson’s Microbiology and Microbial Infections, Volume 4: Medical Mycology.
    Subhash K. Mohan. Canadian Journal of Medical Laboratory Science vol. 63 (2): 2001
  3. Clinical dictionary of pathogenic microorganisms by J. H. Jorgensen & M. A. Pfaller (ASM publication) 2004.
    Subhash Mohan. CJMLS vol. 67 (1): 2005. p. 54
  4. Revenge of the Microbes by Abigail A. Salyers and Dixie D. Whitt (ASM publication) 2005.
    Subhash K. Mohan. Published in CJMLS vol. 68: 2006. p. 91-2
  5. Antimicrobial agents – Antibacterial and antifungals. Edited by Andre Bryskier. ASM Publication – 2005.
    Subhash K. Mohan. CJMLS vol. 68 (5): 2006. p. 216-18

Authored mycology manual & course material

  • Author of the course book “Medical Mycology” for correspondence course offered through the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science.
  • Author of the course book “Yeasts and Actinomycetes” correspondence course offered through the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science
  • Co-authored a book titled “Medical Mycology Manual” for a Pharmaceutical company

Current projects

  • Preparing to publish a book on direct microscopy “Gram Stain: looking beyond bacteria to find fungi under the microscope”
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