Parasitology Image Gallery

It is estimated that over 60% of the species on this planet employ a parasitic lifestyle. A small number of these parasites can cause serious and life-theatening diseases, while others can live inside the host and produce mild or undetectable symptoms. Parasitology is the study of these organisms. The Parasitology Image Gallery currently consists of two sections: Protozoa and Helminths (worms).

A number of protozoa are parasitic in humans. Protozoa can be found in freshwater and marine environments, as well as in soil or on the surface of trees.
P. falciparum
Thick blood film
P. falciparum
Thin blood film
There are many members of the worm family that parasitize humans, and they can be divided into three catagories: The nematodes (round worms), cestodes (tape worms), and the termatodes (flukes).
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